International Symposium : Architectural Patrimony and Local 
Building Materials



The degradation of the traditional architectural patrimony is a real threat to its sustainability. The earthen buildings of the pre-Saharan regions (Ksours, Mosques, Kasbahs…) are threatened by natural and human impacts (floods, earthquakes, urbanization and industrialization ...). They deserve special attention in terms of conservation, maintenance and valorization.

 The disappearance of traditional conservation practices makes it difficult to restore this patrimony without the intervention of scientists specialized in the field of materials Sciences in general and patrimony materials in particular.

APLOBMA2017 is a scientific event that brings together national and international researchers interested in the architectural patrimony, its materials, construction techniques, degradation, conservation and dating. The aim is to develop networks of specialists in local building materials and traditional architecture, and to propose solutions to problems related to the restoration, conservation and valorization of earthen buildings.

Programmed over three days, APLOBMA2017 will be organized in the form of lectures, oral communications, poster sessions, round table and guided tours.

Symposium topics

  • Characterization of local building materials
  • Architectural patrimony in local materials and restoration
  • Architecture based on local materials and energy efficiency
  • Architectural patrimony in local materials and major risks
  • Architectural patrimony in local materials and sustainable development
  • A round table will be organized under the theme:

            Local Building Materials: What Prospects for the Drâa-Tafilalt Region ?

  • A guided tour will be organized in the Ksours and Kasbahs of the Drâa-Tafilalt region: 

            Ksours of Ziz Valley, Mâadid Erfoud, Ksar El Fida, Rissani …


APLOBMA 2017 is organized by the Materials Science Team, Departments of Chemistry and Of Physics, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques of Errachidia, in collaboration with the: Centre de Conservation et de Réhabilitation du Patrimoine Architectural des Zones Atlasiques et Subatlasique (CERKAS) de Ouarzazate and the Laboratory of Spectrometry of Materials and Archeomaterials (LASMAR) -URAC11, Faculty of Sciences of Meknes, University Moulay Ismail.

Official languages of the symposium
English and French


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